Volume 1 (Issue 1), March 2008

Peer Review Page

Peer reviews must be no more than 500 words. State your name, affiliation, title, and degree. Academic faculty, graduate students, researchers, and independent scholars may submit reviews so long as the author holds a B.A. from an accredited college or university. You must be in agreement with general feminist goals and be convinced of the scientific validity of evolution.
Email your review to Celeste Newbrough, Journal Editor

About the Journal

The Journal of Evolutionary Feminism publishes works in reproductive theory with a focus on evolutionary feminism, ecofeminism, reproductive rights, and impacts of reproductive technologies.

Invitation for Submissions

The Journal welcomes submissions of articles and serialized works on the following:
  • Interactions of biology or evolution with human social norms and structures, especially affecting gender, class or caste relations
  • History and evolution of the family
  • History and evolution of patriarchy
  • Gender, transgender and sexual orientation studies emphasizing evolutionary and human sciences
  • Reproductive theory and rights discourse
  • Advances and abuses in reproductive technologies.

Submission Guidelines

The Journal welcomes recommendations of links to published articles and useful sites, and invites literature, artwork, and photography related to reproductive theory, ecofeminism and evolutionary feminism. Authors retain full copyright to their work. The Journal seeks participation from all serious contributors regardless of gender, nationality, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and religion. The Journal is a not-for-profit educational Internet site and does not pay for accepted submissions or links.
Submit an abstract or a one page summary, and state relevance of the material to the topical interests of the Journal. Attach the material.
Submission may be submitted as a suggested link (full url address) or an article or essay in .pdf form, or as text (.doc, .rtf, .txt, and/or /jpg). State your affiliation, title, and degree (faculty; graduate student; independent scholar; artist, photographer, poet or literary writer). Email submission to Celeste Newbrough, Journal Editor

Board of Advisors

The Journal currently seeks volunteer assistance from international evolutionary feminists, ecofeminists, feminists and humanists, to serve as members of the advisory board.All work is pro bono. Your name will appear on the roster of the Board of Advisors. Your major duty will be to make recommendations to the managing editor regarding content. Otherwise, your work will be self-paced and self-determined.

Volunteers Needed

The Journal currently seeks volunteer assistance from international evolutionary feminists, ecofeminists, feminists and humanists, to serve as co-editors, to conduct Internet and library research, and to serves as Web designers and prorammers, legal advisors, and fundraisers. All work is pro-bono. Volunteers will be credited unless otherwise requested. Level of energy is self-paced and negotiated with the Managing Editor in terms of the needs of the Journal.
To volunteer, contact: Celeste Newbrough, Journal Editor